We are going to be looking at how to improve your no scope abilities today. It is our role to help you to improve your skills in Halo Reach and we want to make you a sniping master. Here are some situations in which it is good to perform no scope shots. If you're in a team situations like team snipers then this is a good opportunity to practice your no scope shots. This is because you have unlimited ammo. You'll also be in a battle situation on equal grounds with the other players around you. With other types of game types you should use your ammo wisely. You only get 12 shots of ammo in the other forms of game play before the weapon will respawn. This means that you should focus on conserving your ammo instead of often wasting shots without using a scope.  

Tip One:
Put the cross hairs where you think that your enemy will be in the future. It is important to be able to lead your weapon for success with the sniper rifle. You need to prepare for your shot with the sniper rifle. This is important because often you will have to hit the enemy with more than one shot to get the kill. This will also help you perform head shots that can perform more damage to the enemy.

Tip Two:
Timing is important to master. You need to be able to time your no scopes by preparing for the shot. Learning how to pull the trigger at the right moment is a talent in and of itself. You cannot fire rapidly with the sniper rifle. Use a slow pan with the control stick to follow the enemy. Do not flick the stick because you will lose accuracy.

Tip Three:
Mix the no scope shots with regular shots. Choosing when you should be performing a no scope shot with a sniper rifle is important to master. Recognizing what distance you can accurately perform a no scope shot is what will make this technique effective or not. If you can find the right distance with practicing no scopes and incorporate it into your gameplay as muscle memory you will have a great amount of success performing no scope shots.

Tip Four:
One of the best tips of Halo Reach. You should eliminate the vibration feature on your controller. This one change alone can dramatically improve your accuracy in shooting during gameplay. It will help you in performing the shot and concentrating even when you are being shot by the enemy. This is important because more than likely your enemy will get a couple shots on you before they die while you're using the sniper rifle. You can eliminate the distraction of their attack simply by eliminating the vibration feature of the controller. 

In HALO Reach you need to remember there are no specific weapon classes of characters. While you can pick up health packs, there are no ACLS certified medics that can heal or revive your character. Not having medic characters with ACLS certification online means you have to be extremely careful with your health during battle.

Ultimately you'll need to practice on every weapon of the game. If you want to become an expert player you'll need to become proficient in every weapon in the game. The only way to do this is to find out the qualities of each weapon and how to use each weapon to it's fullest capacity. The sniper happens to be one of my favorite weapons because, as you all know, it is extremely satisfying to get a kill with a single shot. Proficiency with the sniper rife can make it one of the most powerful weapons in the game. If you are not proficient in the sniper rifle it is one of the worst weapons in the game. This is one of the defining characteristics of a well trained and skilled player.


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